Black Line Design Linetype study
This page studies many aspects of linetype, line weight, color, font when working with AutoCAD r-13 drawing files. 
You must have installed the AutoCAD Whip PlugIn setup in your copy of Netscape or Micorsoft Explorier to view, Pan and Zoom & print while viewing the following images. Right Click on the image to display and utilize the zoom menu. Click Here to view the instructions for installing the necasarry plugIns.
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This link will take you to a drawing viewer for people without the Whip plugin installed in your internet browser. You must accept the risk of running the Java application within your browser. Click the file open icon then select one of the files listed. CadViewer logo
File discription, file size in thousand of bytes (aprox. loading time)
Pen weight & color test 57kb (1min) Linetype test 67kb (1min) PFB & SHX type fonts 658kb (10min.) True Type fonts 859kb (12min.)
Click on one of the images below and you will load the appropreate drawing file. Use the right mouse button for the Whip *.dwf menu, and getting back to this page.

Pen Color & Pen Weight test
Pen Color test
This drawing is designed to demonstrate how each of the 255 colors available in AutoCAD print and look. When you print this page in grey-scale or black & white, ultimatly run that through a blueprint machine, you will see how each color is represented. For instance yellow hardly, if at all  at ashows up when printed in black & white or grey-scale. My plotter settings file used in this test has a simular thickness for each diferent pen colors. All of the odd numbers consitantly show up lighter than the evan ones. Color 7 automaticly switches between black and white within AutoCAD depending upon the backround color. 
I have attempted to create a drawing settings list that discribes what AutoCAD screen color, output color, pen # pen width and purpos discription. I have tried to asign a black or dark backround color set. along with a white or light backround color set of defanition;s. Many of the companies I have worked with use the color yellow liberly within their drawings. On screen the color is obvious and works well. Yet when it comes down to printing outside of AutoCAD it is miserable! 

Pen Weignt test
In this drawing I put a pen thickness test in the upper right corner. Each line has a thickness discription and a plooyline with a said width. I use the black (pen 7) assignment to all of these paticular linewith test. I do not wis thro the pen settings to determan the width of each test. so I came up with my best idea to keep the test pure. pen weignt (line thickness). each color is a signed a diferent thicknes of pen. I have learned frome this that when printing to a desktop printer (8.5" x 11" piece of paper) the asigned pen weight must be four times smaller or X(0.25").
I use a plotter setting file of _____ to plot the test.

The heart of this test is to see how each AutoCAD color is represented in grey-scale, black & white and out of the blueprint machine.

Linetype test; this is the standard AutoCAD linetypes
Linetype test; this is the standard AutoCAD linetypes

AutoCAD stock fonts; PFB & SHX
AutoCAD stock fonts; PFB & SHX

AutoCAD stock fonts; True Type
AutoCAD stock fonts; True Type.
I have used Handel Gothic font in my BlackLine Design logo, thus it is included in both font test drawings.

Chroma AutoCAD color box
Chroma AutoCAD color box.

chroma AutoCAD color wheel

chroma AutoCAD color wheel.

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